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Snapchat Says It’ll Release More Secure Version Of App In Wake Of Hack

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This week many Snapchat users were likely shocked to found out that 4.6 million usernames and the phone numbers connected to them were leaked online by a group of hackers. In response to the hack, Snapchat says now that it will release an updated version of its app that will allow users to opt out of the “Find Friends” feature that was exploited.

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This has more or less been documented for the better part of a month now that they’ve been hacked and are horribly insecure. It took them getting raked over the coals in the press after the third incident for anything to be done about it.

Game cost by inflation

About on average of once a year someone gets it in their head that it’s time to talk about the costs of games. This year Arstechnica decided to take up that particular fight on behalf of games retailers everywhere.

Sometimes they come in the form of blog posts with an attitude reminiscent of a story about ‘walking two miles up hill, both ways, in the snow only to find the destination closed’. Others they’re well reasoned and suprisingly well documented discussions on the actual cost of gaming (worth the read, some of the graphs came from here). More often than not though they’re simply put out as a way to try and appease the very real frustration of overly priced games with increasingly less content and significantly less variety with a hypocrisy nod to the fact that consumer’s frustration on the issue might have other contributing factors. Continue reading

Man Who ‘Foreclosed’ On Wells Fargo Now Suing eBay For Mistakenly Shuttering His Store

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If you can remember back to 2011, you might recall the story of Patrick Rodgers, the Philadelphia homeowner who successfully sued Wells Fargo over an error in his mortgage servicing — and then “foreclosed” on a neighborhood Wells branch when the bank didn’t make good on the judgement. Now Patrick’s back in the news with a suit against eBay, which he claims shut down his seller account over a case of mistaken identity.

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Regal Cinemas Raising Ticket Prices 4% Because You’re All Still Gonna Pay

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Thanks to innovations like 3D and IMAX (or IMAX-ish), going to see a movie in theaters is an experience that a home theater really can’t match, even if a home theater has the benefit of comfier seats and no obnoxious strangers. The bosses of Regal Cinemas, one of the chains that have consolidated Americans’ away-from-home movie experience, understand this. So they’re going to raise ticket prices some more.

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4 Early Concerns About The Xbox One

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Earlier this week, Microsoft finally got around to showing off Xbox One, the console some gamers have been waiting for since the Xbox 360 came out eight years ago. The company made sure to highlight all the cool bells and whistles of the upcoming device, but also skipped over a number of issues that are already giving some folks reason for concern.

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A bit of an update from the always critical Consumerist.